CSS PhD Fellowship Scheme@CUHK*​

Faculty Strategic Initiative

This fellowship is an integral part of the interdisciplinary CSS initiative of the Faculty of Social Science, supported by its CSS Lab and the popular CSS Webinar Series that has attracted thousands participants in recent live streamed talks.


Affiliated Degree Programs

The PhD degree granted to a CSS Fellow will depend on the departmental affiliation of the supervisor(s) of a student within the Faculty of Social Science. CSS fellows may affiliate with any participating academic unit within the Faculty of Social Science, including Architecture, Geography and Resource Management, Journalism and Communication, Social Work, and Sociology.


Funding Level and Period

Each fellowship award pays a monthly stipend equal to the amount of a regular PhD studentship at CUHK, lasting for four years of full time study even if an awardee has a research master degree.


Dual Academic Identity

Every fellow will have two institutional homes – the CSS Lab and the hosting department. This is a strategic feature of the PFS to ensure that all CSS Fellows will acquire a dual scholarly identity – an expert in CSS and a disciplinary expert – so that they will be optimally positioned for the job market.


Selection Criteria

The CSSPFS Selection Panel will select awardees based on the following factors:

  • Research ability and / or potential for innovation in CSS
  • Preferably having background in both social science and computational science
  • Quality of match with the proposed PhD programme
  • Inter/multi/cross-disciplinary orientation

Indication of Interest

Interested candidates should submit the following documents via email to csspfs@cuhk.edu.hk by 12 noon, 27 January 2022 (Thursday).

  • Personal statement, specific to the CSS fellowship and indicating intended supervisor(s) and departmental affiliation
  • Research proposal
  • CV with accessible hyperlinks of publications
  • Electronic copies of representative publications
  • Copies of certificates of academic / professional qualifications
  • Copies of official transcripts and grading schemes of all tertiary level studies
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • A photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card or other identity document
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation

For details of the general requirements of admission for all awardees of the CSS fellowship, please refer to the website of the Graduate School.





*Pending approval.